Thursday, August 28, 2008

Author's note

This text is some of my thoughts on purpose of existence and how the process of natural selection plays a role in defining the purpose of species.

First, I think that science, as a database of rationally gained information, is the place to look for an answer of all our questions. When I began thinking of this about two and a half years ago, I was guided by a complete faith in it. I knew charlatanry when I saw it and reason for me was the only reliable source of knowledge. Knowledge that worked, at least. As George Orwell said, “In philosophy or religion or ethics or politics two plus two may make five, but when one was designing a gun or an aeroplane they had to make four.” Science is about these things – designing machines and what I was doing here required designing-like accuracy. So, I went to biology, particularly Darwin's theory, in 4order to find answers. I was optimistic – there was some sort of profound connection between the word “progress” and what all life seemed to be doing since life emerged on this planet. More importantly, however, there was something wondrous in the simplicity and unforgiving effectiveness of the process of natural selection. Once grasped it is incredibly intuitive as an idea and at the same time it rationally explains a whole lot of things. My faith in science, of course, was justified and the results it gave, I believe, are very important.

Second, I decided to write all this in dialogs. The Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates had a method of asking questions when discussing something with another person instead of just giving arguments, like nowadays. He called it maieutics. I do not claim to be as good as him, plus, I have sacrificed some of the similarity my text could have had to the work of the great Socrates because his dialogues often disprove an idea rather than prove one. I chose to employ dialog form because it is simpler and more interesting as a format as opposed to writing paragraph after paragraph of what would seem to the annoyed as evolutionary fantasies or stating obvious things. It also allows for as easy transition between ideas as a normal conversation can allow. And this is something useful.

Third, some of the people who will read this may have studied biology. Or, they may have experience in life and be familiar to how intoxicating power is and what the human desire to control it has done to people. The summary serves as a table of contents for the whole work. If you disagree with any of the statements, go, read, and think about it. In the best possible case the summary will be enough to get you introduced to the whole idea.

Fourth, Bob and Alex are just names that start with the letters A and B. I have aimed nothing special choosing them, so if you find any “hidden” information, it is coincidential. Except that “Bob” personally reminds me of Bob Toland. Alex is male or female, depending on how you like it.

Fifth, may have noticed, each paragraph is phi times smaller than the preceeding one, ± one word. I had the opportunity to do it, and I am not hiding it, so it's ok.

Finally the text. It goes without saying, but this is the internet, so... To understand, please use logic not feelings.

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